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Voting Contests
Create a voting contest for any single elimination, double elimination, or swiss tournament format.
Yes (Unlimited participants) Yes (Unlimited participants)
Prediction Challenges
Create a prediction challenge for any single elimination, or double elimination bracket.
Yes (Unlimited participants) Yes (Unlimited participants)
Set Prediction Challenge Scoring
Determine if points awarded per round will grow exponentially or linearly and also if a losers bracket should be predicted (Double Elimination only).
Enable Public Predictions
Allow predictions to be publicly viewable prior to the start of the tournament.
Showcase Prediction Stats
Keep track of the prediction challenge leaderboards and stats from start to finish.
View bracket predictor email addresses
Access the email addresses of those that opt-in to share their email along with their prediction
Prediction Stats and Insights
View the real-time prediction results and forecast per match in the bracket
Export Predictions
Download Tournament Predictions via CSV or receive it via E-mail
Embed Prediction Leaderboard
Add Prediction Leaderboard to any website with a small line of code.
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